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Paul Corbin

by Patricia Welker

Congratulation to Paul Corbin on his 100th birthday, November 27, 2014.

Mr. Corbin became interested in Native Americans and their culture from an early age; he found his first arrowhead when he was about twelve years old. Over the years Mr. Corbin has worked with many noted archaeologists in various locations across the United States and has created an extensive collection of artifacts. He has had writers of books on archaeology visit to get information, view his collection, and take pictures of his artifacts.

Mr. Corbin was locally known as the person to go to if you turned up something unusual in your fields. His passion for Indian artifacts was well known. Mr. Corbin was willing to prepare your income taxes and accept Indian artifacts as his fee. His love of archaeology is evident in his personal collection and in the many Native American artifacts he has donated over the years; including the collection on display at the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History. This collection consists of artifacts found in Bollinger and Stoddard Counties.

Thank you Mr. Corbin for your dedication to preserving history and for sharing your artifacts and knowledge with our visitors. Happy 100th Birthday!

Note: Time robs us all of many things. Sadly Mr. Corbin is no longer able to travel and collect artifacts. Rest assured Mr. Corbin your legacy and love of history will live on in your collections.

Paul Corbin

Paul Corbin


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