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Geology Room

The Geology Room

Touch your way through time! Want to know what the prehistoric world feels like? Throughout the Geology Room and much of the museum we have incorporated certain exhibits that allow the visitor to touch actual fossils and various artifacts. Many of our exhibits are very fragile and touching would damage them, so these have to be mounted out of reach or behind glass. But there are many fossils, artifacts and relics that can withstand visitor usage and we try to incorporate this method into our exhibits whenever we can. We invite you to keep in touch at the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History.

Badlands Fossils

The fossils from this barren landscape are from exotic animals that once roamed prehistoric Nebraska. Giant pig-like animals, huge titanotheres, predators, birds, and insects all left their remains on the grasslands. One of the highlights of this exhibit is the skull of a saber tooth predator called Hoplophoneus.


Nature's Slimy Sliders

Whether it's a slug slithering in your garden, or a beautiful conch shell on the beach, these are all examples of one of Nature’s most diverse and abundant animal groups – the Gastropods. This exhibit presents a collection of fossil gastropods and modern gastropods displaying stunning shapes and colors. Featured in this exhibit is the shell Syrinx aruanus, the largest species of modern gastropod presently known.


Frozen Lightning

When a bolt of lightning strikes the Earth, it produces unusual structures called fulgurites. These natural structures are sometimes called 'frozen lightning'. See some of nature's strangest curiosities.



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