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About the Museum

Our Mission
The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History was created for scientific and educational purposes, and to preserve for public benefit, the natural, historical and artistic heritage of the region.

Board of Directors
Eva Dunn - President
Robert Hrabik - Vice-President
Jeanie Layton - Secretary
Brenda Beal - Treasurer

Board Members
Ann O'Donnell


In 1998, a museum committee was formed by the board of the Will Mayfield Heritage Foundation to look after the management of the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History. After a few years Foundation Board members were sitting through marathon meetings in an effort to accommodate Museum concerns in addition to the Foundation’s primary goal of renovating the historic building that houses the Museum. It became evident that the Museum needed the independence and flexibility of direction that it could only achieve by having its own governing board. In 2002, the Museum formed a separate 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. In 2004, with the passage of the Missouri house bill, the centerpiece of the Museum, Hypsibema missouriense, was named the official Missouri state dinosaur.

The State Dinosaur

With each new exhibit, we strive to give visitors the gift of knowledge in a creative setting that combines impact and insight - to create the “wow” factor that will bring visitors back for generations to come.

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The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History is located in the historic town of Marble Hill, Missouri. We are the perfect destination for families, school groups, or the solo enthusiast!

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See the eons in just one day! Our exhibits showcase Missouri’s historic and prehistoric past.

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